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Moti More Margolis

Moti More Margolis is a young designer, known for his elegant taste and his constant search for aesthetics.


Even as a child, he sought to crack the formula of aesthetics that hid behind the magnificent palaces and facads of Europe, which stand as temples devoted to the good taste and talent of that period.

Since then, Moti combines these high aesthetic levels with the cleanliness and simplicity of the today's design standards. 

"To my personal taste, with the clean lines of the today, and the harsh materiality of concrete, glass and plastic, we received grim, threatening, repetitive structures without any trace of aesthetics or beauty. 

That's why when I walk down the street or on any boulevard, no matter what city, I'll always look up and on the sides of the buildings and see how pleasant the experience of walking down that street is. A building that knows how to respect not only its planners but also the street and the ones who walk in it is in my eyes a winning building".


During Moti's first degree in design (B.D) at the famous Shenkar College, he particularly liked material research, which led him to the field of interior design.

"One of my favorite aspects of this work is the study of materials, which brings me endless happiness". 


Over the past few years, Moti has collaborated and worked with some of the biggest names in the design and architecture industry such as Richard Meier, Patricia urquiola, David Rockwell and more.


my inspirations: music, matirials, food, poeple, history, nature



An award winning interior design studio, led by the designer Moti More Margolis.

The studio is a young and vibrant design atelier, which focuses on interior design, furniture and product design.

In the year 2018, the studio won a special award in the IDA, an international design competition.

What we make:

Interior design – hotels, luxury Apartments, penthouses, private homes, lofts, restaurants, bars, shops, offices, and more.

Dressing houses - houses for sale, rent, upgrade and renovate the house at all levels

Furniture and product design

Join me to my inspiration world

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